Design Services

Determine the Workflow

Our project team works with you to define each detail, arriving at decisions that satisfy today's requirements while leaving room for growth. The Bramic project team collects information about your existing workflow and console configurations, your needs and expectations from the project, and your long-term vision.

Key Considerations:
  • Number of furniture consoles required
  • Equipment accommodations
  • Console model selection
  • Floor space allotment
  • Project roles, responsibilities and timeline
  • Budgeting

Room Configuration

We take that information and develop a series of three dimensional (3D) images to illustrate your vision. Room configuration involves reviewing existing AutoCAD drawings of the available space and creating a preliminary room design layout, considering key factors such as the number of consoles, viewing height restrictions, and personal and technical storage requirements.

Key Considerations:
  • Sightlines and visibility
  • Lighting
  • Personal and technical storage
  • Noise reduction
  • Future proofing / adaptability
  • Power supply location and service access

Console Configuration

Next we determine the final, optimized configuration of the furniture console according to equipment which must be housed, backup equipment that might be needed, data requirements, whether the center has a raised floor or not, and how many keyboards and mice must be accommodated.

Key Considerations:
  • Equipment support
  • Furniture console model
  • Power and data requirements
  • Cabling
  • Durability
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety
BuildWe build our consoles to meet the tough demands of mission-critical environments InstallationExcellent project management is critical for success

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