Power Distribution

Bramic has developed another industry first in optional console power distribution. The sophisticated Bramic Power Distribution Unit (PDU) delivers power directly to the console and routes it exactly where you need it. Our unique PDU is designed to eliminate multiple power bars while keeping power cabling organized and tidy.

Easy Access

The PDU is located in the CPU compartment (with an optional lock to prevent against unauthorized access) connecting directly to building power located under the raised floor.


The units are customizable according to user preference and receptacles are constructed using hospital grade hardware.

Convenient Relocating of Consoles

Moving consoles outfitted with a PDU is a snap because there are two or three power connections (depending on PDU configuration) to disconnect instead of many. Bramic can also install the PDU prior to console delivery, expediting the electrical approval process.

Key Features

Power Consolidation
Power Consolidation
  • The PDU reduces the number of power connection points required within the CPU compartment reducing potential points of failure.
  • Consolidating the power "hub" also creates an attractive clutter free look around the console.
  • Supports critical and non-critical power requirements.
  • The PDU is secured within the technology compartment with communications equipment, preventing accidental disconnects.
  • Available with optional locking system for added security.

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