Emergency Operations

No one disputes the need for an Emergency Operation Center that can be activated on a moment’s notice. Unfortunately limited budgets place restrictions on location, space, and outfitting, making it necessary to look at multipurpose space and furniture.

With the simple turn of a key and press of a button the center of the table rises, exposing technology compartments for hardware storage equipped with optional data, power, and voice connections. The EOC becomes fully functional in approximately 45 seconds. No one delivers more comprehensive multi-functionality at a more reasonable cost.

Multipurpose Design

Bramic EOC boardroom tables cleverly combine multipurpose functionality and good looks. EOC tables look and function like a normal boardroom table until required for service. Power and data access points can also be located in the top of the table for regular boardroom use

Secure Storage of Power and Cabling

All cabling and power is housed inside the center compartment keeping it neat and secure, and lockable side doors are included, providing access to the interior of the table for cabling and maintenance purposes.

Responsive Functioning

Create a live and fully functional Emergency Operations Center environment in seconds.The center pop up module is activated by inserting a key and pressing the button. Less than 45 seconds later the center is ready to go to work.

Key Features

Adjustable Height
Adjustable Height
Cable Management
  • DC motors control vertical height adjustment of the table’s center section.
  • Designed as a total lift conference table—Equipment (laptops, telephones and radios) securely stored within the center section moves with the center lift section.
  • Top surface of center lift section has optional power/data connectors.
  • Vertical and horizontal power and data raceways are separated to maintain integrity of network and services.
  • EOC tables can permanently store equipment and hardware necessary for a functional EOC.
  • Center lift section has an optional locking system available to secure equipment.
  • Compartments within the center lift section may be customized to house telephone handsets, laptops, radio consoles, Audio/Visual equipment, power and data connections, and other additional equipment.

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