We understand that every emergency communication or operational control center operates differently so we provide a full range of accessories to fit the environment exactly to your workflow.

Fit and Finish

Emergency communications and operational control centers are hectic environments. Our comprehensive range of accessories keep tools organized, at the ready, and within easy reach. Your center will look neat and professional at all times.

Extended Lifespan

Bramic consoles are engineered to be fully upgradable in the field. They meet today’s requirements and face tomorrow’s challenges head on maximizing Return on Investment (ROI) by lasting far longer than the industry average.

Key Features

Telephone Handset Connection Management
Telephone Handset Connection Management
Cable Management
Data Management
Panel Partition and Knee Wall Systems
Personal Comfort System
  • Our unique dashboard configuration will accommodate RJ-11 telephone handset jacks, RJ-45 data jacks and other custom connectors. Backup telephone sets can be connected or disconnected in seconds and handsets can be moved to the left or right of the working surface at any time.
  • Innovative lay-in cable tray systems provide ease of access and maximum flexibility, and cable chains keep power and data cables separated, which assists in maintaining the integrity of the network.
  • Ensures proper bend radius for Cat. 5e and 6 cabling is maintained and friction on cables is minimized when consoles move.
  • All cable chains and trays are accessible from the front of the console at a comfortable working height for IT staff.
  • Bramic works with clients to recommend and/or design specialized cable routing paths to accommodate non-standard or specialized equipment.
  • Keyboard and mouse failures are a simple matter with optional data management connectors at your fingertips.
  • The data management dashboard provides convenient fingertip access to connectors.
  • Optional voice and data connections are also available and desktop power connectors with integrated USB charging ports for electronic devices keep the workspace organized and free from dangling cables.
  • Panel partitions dampen sound and create privacy between users.
  • Available in a range of fabrics, finishes, sizes, and configurations.
  • Our new knee wall system is a low laminated finished wall designed to provide a professional polished look to the exterior of free standing consoles.
  • Provides circulated, filtered airflow to the upper and lower body.
  • Air flow is delivered through two bi-directional louvers recessed into the laminate surface and one mounted in the lower left leg to provide total body cooling.
  • Controlled via dashboard panel, mounted directly below the monitor surface. Does not take up valuable work space.
  • LED task light dimming.
  • 500 watt forced air heater provides warmth to the legs and feet.
  • Occupancy sensor conserves energy when not in use.

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