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Interactive Mobile Showroom

At Bramic we recognize that the purchase of dispatch furniture consoles is a significant investment. In order to make our furniture solutions more accessible, our mobile showroom which provides on-site demonstrations, is available to assist you during the evaluation process. This spacious trailer is designed to simulate a communication center environment and allows dispatchers and evaluation teams to get hands on experience with Bramic products. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to see our mobile showroom. It travels throughout North America each year and we would be pleased to schedule a visit when we are in your area.

Who We Are

The Bramic Group design, manufacture, and market customized ergonomic workstations and height adjustable console furniture for use within 24/7 call centers and communication centers. We specialize in the ergonomic furniture requirements of 911 communication centers and EOC's, providing sit stand workstations, adjustable height dispatch consoles and multi-use EOC console furniture. We also specialize in ergonomic control room consoles, command consoles, trading desks for the financial services, security and surveillance workstations and control room furniture.

We are a design/build solution provider. Our focused approach enables us to create unique height adjustable console furniture and workstations. As human interaction with computers and telecommunication technologies continues to evolve, ergonomic issues have become more complex. Bramic recognizes the need to adapt the working environment to the end user. Our 911 dispatch consoles and adjustable workstation solutions offer some of the most innovative and advanced ergonomic features found anywhere in the industry.

Together with our partners, Bramic is committed to providing you with creative console furniture, comprehensive facilities planning, consultative project management and on-time logistics and installation services. We continue to anticipate client needs and develop strategies to create an ergonomically safe and user-friendly working environment. It is our goal to share our many years of experience and to tailor each furniture console design to meet your unique requirements, on-time and on-budget.

Height Adjustable Console Furniture
Including Trading Desks, Command Consoles, Control Room Consoles, Ergonomic Workstations & 911 Dispatch Consoles

Marathon™ 6/4 Height Adjustable Workstation

It's "Future Ready" and Engineered For Change
The Marathon™ 6/4 ergonomic workstation has been designed with built-in modularity. You can add/remove components as your needs change and even exchange components with other Marathon™ consoles. With this added flexibility you can personalize your furniture consoles individually based on todayís needs and reconfigure them in the future should your business needs change. Now you can have true flexibility.

With the Marathon™ 6/4, we put you in the design seat. You choose the most efficient work surfaces, the ideal base lift structure and the most technically friendly multi-use storage cabinets for your hardware and workflow needs. Then we simply build the console furniture for you.

As an industry leader in ergonomic console design and personal comfort, we also provide you with many industry leading options to choose from including the Bramic Personal Comfort System that features blowing heat to the legs and feet. The Marathon™ 6/4... keeping pace with change.

Marathon™ 4/6 Height Adjustable Ergonomic Workstation

It's "Future Ready" and Engineered For Change
The Marathon™ 4/6 sit-stand console represents an industry breakthrough in 24/7 console furniture design. This attractive free standing console offers state-of-the-art features such as the full "Technology Lift", an "Easy Relocation System" and the advanced "Bramic Personal Comfort System". It also uses less floor space than most ergonomic trading desks and call taker workstations.

What is truly unique to this console is that its modular construction is engineered for change. The name "Marathon™ 4/6" implies that this furniture console with a capacity to support up to four 20" monitors, can be reconfigured to a full sized Marathon™ 6 console that will support up to six 20" monitors, simply by replacing the input (keyboard) surface. With this added flexibility you can personalize your technical furniture individually based on todayís needs and reconfigure it in the future should your business needs change. The Marathon™ 4/6 Ökeeping pace with change.

VISION 3, 4, 5 & 6 Sit-Stand Dispatch Console

Vision dispatch consoles are the industry workhorses of 24/7 communications centers throughout North America. Rugged, durable, reliable, technically friendly and attractive are terms that best describe Vision Consoles.

Each Vision console design is personalized to meet both the current and future needs of the communications center personnel. The multi-purpose, multi-functional keyboard work surface is not only strong and durable, it also provides ample work area to meet the most demanding challenges.

The Vision height adjustable console furniture is designed as a "total lift" system which refers to all electronic cabinets containing CPU hardware and accessories being lifted with the console. The total lift eliminates wear on data connectors and allows technicians to work in a comfortable position when installing or conducting maintenance on computer systems.

Floor Planning & Design

A Successful Project Begins With A Well Thought Out Plan

Our goal is to design a "Future Ready" workplace that is not only ergonomically detailed to ensure a safe, healthy work environment, but also one that is productive and will truly adapt to change.

We take the time necessary to fully understand your design objectives and to ensure that we have a clear understanding of priorities, as we assist you with the design of your project.

When designing an ergonomic workstation, adjustable dispatch console, command console or trading desk the challenge is to make the workstation productive and truly capable of adapting to changes that may occur in the future.

Floor planning and workflow planning is equally important to achieving these goals. We take the time necessary to fully understand your furniture console and workstation design objectives as well as your workflow and space utilization objectives. We strive to ensure that we have a clear understanding of priorities, as we assist you with the design of your project.

Bramic console furniture has been designed to provide you with the greatest floor plan design flexibility. The Marathon Console furniture family is designed with modularity in mind and provides the greatest field flexibility should you require additional console work surface to add new technologies. Should your choice of technologies liberate space on your consoles, the Marathon consoles are designed to be capable of reducing in size so that additional consoles may be added in the same floor space. As you can see, floor planning flexibility is closely tied to the modularity of the furniture consoles. Itís hard to have one without the other. If you wish to receive a "future ready" floor plan or facility layout, simply request a no-obligation consultation with one of our planning specialists.

Bramic facility layouts and floor plans feature some of the most innovative and durable "future ready" workstations and console furniture designs. We strive to make your 24/7 communications center an example of the very best-in-class and provide this within a budget you can afford.

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A Successful Project Is One That Stays Within Budget

Our goal is to work closely with you to understand and prioritize your business requirements and then carefully craft a project scope and budget that will achieve your business objectives, within an affordable level of expenditure. Whether you wish to construct your project in phases over time or complete the project in a single phase, we are capable of assisting you in establishing an affordable path.


We Can Guide You As You Plan Your Power, Data & Lighting Requirements

Our goal is to understand what services you will be bringing to the work centers and to assist you by guiding you through the various methods for establishing efficient pathways for these services and the most appropriate methods to deliver and terminate the services. We would like your communications center to be capable of meeting your current needs as well as your future needs, so we aim to make each center "Future Ready".

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Health, Safety & Ergonomics

The Best Way To Ensure Health & Safety Is To Go Beyond Current Industry Standards

At Bramic we take pride in going the extra mile to ensure the personal health and safety of the userís of our furniture systems. Whether itís a dispatcher or a technician, we design our furniture systems to be ergonomically correct and user friendly. In essence, we make the furniture console fit the individuals that work at them 24/7. Safety goes into every design on all Marathon™ consoles. All electrical and electronic components used in the assembly of Bramic consoles are UL/CSA Listed or UL/CSA Recognized for use in Canada and the United States. Additionally, each console is inspected for console grounding and bonding compliance and contains a CSA U.S. Field Evaluation label located under the keyboard work surface. This label provides proof that every console has been inspected and is in compliance with the appropriate standards.

Logistics & Handling

Logistics & Handling

Console Furniture Workstations To The Job Site Site On-Time and Without Damage Is Crucial

Loading, transporting and unloading furniture consoles requires a great deal of planning and careful attention to site specific details. At Bramic we design flexibility into each product line because we know how important it is to our success and to completing a project on-time. All Bramic furniture consoles are designed to be handled fully assembled when building logistics permit the access of the furniture. The furniture consoles are also designed to reduce down to smaller sub-assemblies when building access is limited.


Timely Installation Is Critical To A Successful Go Live

Our fully assembled furniture consoles install and set-up in a fraction of the time as compared to consoles that are delivered broken down. Live center installations are extremely critical due to the continued operation of the communication center. Bramic offers experienced installers that carefully plan out every detail of your installation. Our unique lay-in wire and cable management systems do not require cable fishing which greatly speeds up the installation process. Early in the project planning process, we begin to anticipate the installation and co-ordinate work flow with the radio, telephony and other subcontractors to assure the installation goes smoothly.


Our Support Does Not End After The Installation of Your Console Furnishings

Bramic is proud to be recognized throughout North America as a valued supplier of durable, high quality PSAP’s consoles and furniture solutions. Our reputation is very important to us and we work hard to ensure that you receive the highest level of service and support throughout your product warranty period.

We provide one of the best warranties in the industry and have established after sale service and support centers throughout the United States and Canada. We invite you to talk to our clients because they are the best people to speak to when it comes to determining how we deliver on customer care.

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